5 Best Things to Do in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania, also known as ‘the Keystone State’ due to the fact that it was the middle and central point of the original 13 colonies, is a state filled with history, character, and plenty of beautiful, natural, all-American scenery. 

There’s a lot to explore, and a lot to experience.

As a bridge between the Northeastern states and the Southern states, and a link to the Atlantic seaboard from the Midwest, Pennsylvania is not only an iconic transition point for travelers passing through, but also a compelling settling space for people who are thinking of relocating to a beautiful state with a lot to offer. 

It may be one of the most historic places in the United States, and there are a lot of pros to visiting.

So in this post, you’re going to learn 5 of the best things to do in Pennsylvania during your stay.

From state parks to historic landmarks, to plenty of beautifully picturesque scenes to see and take in—here’s what the Keystone State has to offer for travelers looking for adventure.

Note: Just don’t forget your coat! It can get cold in Pennsylvania—especially near the Great Lakes!

1. Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is one of the largest state parks in Pennsylvania. It’s located in the Laurel Highlands, and is a popular spot for white water rafting, kayaking, and hiking.

There are literally dozens of hiking trails through the park, and even a massive scenic waterfall. 

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2. Philadelphia

Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love, is the sixth-largest city in the United States.

It’s also the second-largest city on the East Coast, has the third most populated downtown of any city in the country, and contains the fourth-largest media market in the nation. 

If you’re planning on visiting Pennsylvania, you really can’t not plan a visit to this incredible and historic metropolis. 

3. Gettysburg National Military Park

If you’re a civil war history buff, then you already know the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg. 

This battlefield (now preserved as the Gettysburg National Military Park) set the stage for the greatest turning point of the American Civil War. It marked the victory for the Union Army that ended General Robert E. Lee’s second and most ambitious invasion of the northern United States—and has been marked as ‘the bloodiest battle’ of the civil war. 

If you plan to visit Pennsylvania, then you really can’t skip such a historically significant site. 

4. Erie

Erie Pennsylvania is a city steeped in rich American history and natural beauty. 

It’s known as ‘the Flagship City’ because of its status as the home port for Oliver Hazard Perry’s Flagship, the Niagara

But it also has a reputation for the gem-like appearance of the water in the Great Lake when the sun hits the waves just right eiretrip.com .

As a port city along the Great Lake Erie, Erie Pennsylvania is known for its coastal identity, its gray sky, the massive amounts of snow it gets in the winter, and for being one of the most beautiful cities to visit in all of Pennsylvania. 

There’s really nowhere else like Erie in the entire U.S. 

5. Valley Forge National Park

Valley Forge National Park could be considered ‘the most American place in all of the United States.’

For those of you who know the history, you know that this is where General Washington and the Continental Army camped and rested during the long, cold winter of 1777 to 1778.

It has since been renovated. Today, you can walk past General Washington’s stone headquarters, tour renovated historic log huts, and visit countless monuments of the war for American independence. 

You can even take guided tours, to make sure that you don’t miss a thing during your stay. 


There you have it.

The five best things to do while visiting Pennsylvania. 

Of course, this list isn’t by any means exhaustive. 

There’s still a lot more to see and experience.

So make sure that you schedule enough time to adequately visit and invest in this center for rich American history. 

You will most definitely be glad that you made the time. 


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