A Few Things That Also Apply to Your Straw Hats


Straw hats have been around for millennia, but when did their popularity start, and what fueled it? Ancient Egypt, for one, was an imperial force that established the importance of fashion in the world. This, coupled with the fact that the material worked wonderfully in the heat, led to its widespread popularity. Today, straw hats are no longer an iconic part of ancient life and culture, but they remain a staple. So, if your wardrobe is not summer ready yet, it’s time you hunt for straw hats. After all, nothing can feel more breathable and lightweight than them. 

If you don’t want your tours and daily activities to suffer, trusting these hats for sun protection and fashion can be a wise idea. Well, do you wonder about the options? You never ventured into this earlier? No worries! Let’s keep things simple – if you are a bit experimental type, cowboy-style straw hats for men can be the best bet. Here are a few things about this style to make it a comfortable headwear piece.

What is so special about cowboy hats?

The classic hat style that many Americans and other people around the globe use to get into the festive spirit during the summer season comes from Mexico in a way. The Mexican sombrero originated in Northern Mexico as protective clothing for farmers and cattlemen. The more oversized brim helped keep the wearer shaded in the harsh sun when working outdoors. Today, the modern cowboy hats worn throughout the country in many traditional settings such as rodeos or even at your local fiesta are the inspiration of those styles. Like all classic straw hats, the wide-brimmed, tightly woven creations can also work to protect against rain and snow.

Cowboy hats in other materials can also have a variety known as cattleman’s hats that initially developed around 1885. The cattleman’s hat stands for its unique crown shape. The crown is either peaked or creased with a shallow crease. However, in straw base, cowboy hats still attract people’s attention. It is their unique style and the western look that makes them appealing. They are not just for fun but to protect heads from the weather. For people from harsh weather, straw cowboy hats are perfect for protecting them from the wind and sun. So it doesn’t matter if you cannot find a cattleman. You can still get different styles of cowboy hats in the market, and it is good to buy the one that matches your taste.

What do you wear with your straw cowboy hat?

A cowboy hat is a bold piece of apparel, regardless of the material used in its making. If you’re outfitting yourself in western wear, such as cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and the like, restrict it to two or three items per outfit to avoid the risk of looking overdone. 

Once reserved for country music stars, bull riders, and Nashville bachelor parties, the cowboy hat is becoming mainstream with a new generation of consumers. Even celebrities and music stars cannot deny that the cowboy hat has long been an object at the whims of fashion trends. However, today, it is an essential element of country music culture and a symbol of freedom and adventure. Still, you have to go easy with this straw hat style.

More precisely, it’s good to be casual but don’t carry it too far. Wear jeans and a t-shirt if you must with your cowboy hat. Please make sure they are clean, ironed, and feel freshly pressed. You can go as futuristic or vintage as possible, or you can keep it as country wear with a nice pair of denim jeans like the guys from Midland do, or you can go total 1950s rockstar. The vital lesson here is to make sure you have a cowboy hat in your wardrobe because you may be entering a new golden age for them, and the time has never been perfect.

This material gives you a fascinating range of many popular shapes and styles. Again, straw hats don’t mean only cowboy style. If you aren’t ready for the bold look of a cowboy hat yet, you can take your first step with some other hats or some other similar designs that may make your transition easier later. As for options, fedoras are most common. So you can have enough confidence to wear it. Then, there is a top hat variation. You can pick a top hat with wings folded slightly upward if you want to feel a cowboy hat. 

However, when you focus on shape and design, don’t ignore the texture of the straw material. Some of them can elevate the attractiveness of your attire effortlessly, being the faithful companion of their highlights. For example, if you wear a textured t-shirt or shirt, a textured straw hat can be the perfect match.


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