5 Best Types of Gold Chains


Gold chain is the basic jewelry that goes well with any outfit. In 2022 gold chains must have accessories. Chanel makes body chains the center of a summer look. Valentino, Balmain and Givenchy actively use chains not only as jewelry but also to decorate shoes and bags.

In order to know how to wear gold chains let’s talk about 5 types of gold chains and why they are considered the best. The main criteria for gold chains is their strength, as they may be worn not only as a single piece of jewelry but also with different kinds of pendants. Another thing that makes their worth is the looks. Though even being extravagant and eye-catching on its own, gold chains may be worn layered with other necklaces or chains. And, of course, they are practical. You may wear gold chain as with your everyday look and with an evening dress. So, here are 5 best styles of gold chains that meet these criteria.


The cable link chain is the most basic type of chain. Its design is almost as old as the world. It is made of identical gold links that are connected with each other in a row. This construction makes it simple looking but very strong, thus it becomes a great opt for a pendant or to go in a layered look with other chains. Cable link chains are also very practical because they are among the chains that are the easiest to make and, as a result, the easiest to fix if one of the links gets damaged. Golden cable link chain is a true classic for women and men.

Rope chains are the gold chains with history. Rope chains for men were popularized by rappers from 80s’. The construction of a rope chain is made of small links that form a shape of two twisted in a spiral way threads which gives a chain an additional luster. Chosen for their massive look and recognizable shine they became a real reason for competition among the hip-hop celebs. Maybe, this type of chain should be renamed as “a rap chain”? 

But nowadays it is making its comeback. Gold rope chain maybe be worn as the 80s’ hip-hop classic massive yellow gold chain, but if you make some alterations, as for example choosing thinner width, or trying it in white or rose gold, you’ll discover that it looks very modern and fresh. Besides, gold rope chains are a good option to wear with gold pendants, because if they were able to bear the weight of rappers’ medallions they are able to bear almost anything. Women may bravely wear lockets on rope chains, while rope chains for men are great for medallions. They also look perfect in layered look, but wearing it as a single chain makes it more sophisticated. 

Curb link chain is a style which includes different types of chains: Cuban or Miami Cuban, Figaro, Franco, foxtail… The curb chain is primarily a cable chain variation consisting of flat oval or circular twisted links. 

  • Miami Cuban chains are made with oval twisted links and are the most popular modern variety of curb chains. 
  • Figaro chains are an Italian variation of curb chain style. Its distinctive feature is the alternation of links’ shapes. One long link follows several smaller ones to form a flat chain into a Figaro style.
  • Franco chains also originated in Italy. They are not as typical curb link style as Cuban or Figaro. Franco chains display flat v-shaped links put tightly together. 

All those gold chain styles differ in visual ways but they have lots in common. First of all, the way the links are set provides the chain with great durability and strength. Thus, they are unlikely to break and are perfect for heavy pendants and everyday wear. Secondly, those gold chains are suitable for women and for men. Third, the way the links are crafted and soldered requires great experience and professionalism which results in exquisite look. 

Box chain is another type of enduring gold chain. They are also known as “Venetian” chains as they originated in Italy. Box chain represents a simple 4-sided pattern made of flat square shaped links with straight edges. 

Bead dog-tag chains came into fashion and high end jewelry from the military. They were used to wear identification tags during the Civil War and were brought into fashion by rappers in 90s’. Gold bead chains consist of solid or hollow gold ball links which makes them durable and practical for wearing with heavy pendants or tag-like medallions. Apart from the other described chain styles, bead chains are not usually worn alone but rather as a part of a layered look.

Those are only 5 most frequently chosen styles but there are many more style variations of gold chains which provide a great amount of options to create a unique and extravagant look.

Choosing a gold chain, you need to know a few tricks which can help you look even more stunning. You may get your gold chain in different colors of gold: yellow, white, rose and even black. Sure enough, a gold chain looks good on its own but if chosen right it may emphasize your benefits.

For example, classic yellow gold chains look advantageously on olive or darker skin and with black outfits. Rose gold chains also look great on olive or dark skin complexion but they prefer light-colored clothing. This color of gold gains its popularity nowadays and is often paired with other colors of gold providing modern and trendy layers. White and black colors of gold chains sometimes may be a bit higher in price just because they are not very common and require rhodium finish. White gold chains are preferably worn on pale complexion and with light-colored clothes and are also more often paired with other gold chains. Black gold chains are not as often seen as other colors of gold and that’s why they look so unusual and exclusive and quickly gain their popularity.

If you’ve already decided to get a gold chain, you may wonder what is the best place to get chains. You are free to choose between buying your gold chain online or in a good old brick-and-mortar store. The only thing you should be sure of is their reputation. If the seller provides any required information about his product openly and willingly, if you are consulted by professionals who consider your preferences and budget and if the store possesses all required documents and papers then there’s no difference if the store is next door or online.gold-colored necklace on black background

To make a profitable purchase of your gold chain, you may want to understand a few things which seem very complicated from the first sight.

First of all, you should think of how you’re going to wear your gold chain. The care and cleaning of the gold chain depends on how often you wear it.

Then you have to decide on the color and style of your gold chain. We’ve already mentioned 5 basic styles of chains and the colors of the gold above, so it should be easier for you to find the one you adore.

But here comes the trickiest thing in choosing a gold chain. How to understand all those “K’s” and what do they mean? Gold jewelry is not made purely of gold. It is made of alloys which include gold. The percentage of gold in the alloy defines the purity of gold in jewelry and is marked in Karats (K). The higher the presence of gold in the alloy is the higher is its purity. The most common marks of gold purity are 9K (37,5%), 10K (41,67%), 12K (50%), 14K (58,33%), 18K (75%), 22K (91,67%) and 24K (99,99%). The more the karats, the higher the price. Also, the more gold in jewelry, the softer the piece of the jewelry, thus it’s not always the advantage. But the purer the gold the more hypoallergenic the jewelry, the safer is your skin. The most popular gold chains are those in 14K and 18K since it’s the best balance of price, looks and quality.

Another tricky question you have to ask while buying the gold chain is if it’s solid gold or hollow. Sometimes, to cut the expenses and to make the jewelry lighter it may be made with hollow gold, so you should be careful while choosing the chain. 

The last thing to choose is the length and width of your chain. Shopping in the brick-and-mortar store you are able to try the gold chain on you, but shopping online be sure to check the length and width of the chain in the description so not to be disappointed after getting it.

Now you know everything you should before getting the gold chain that suits you the most and makes your look perfect!


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