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Today’s news story at wwny-tv 7 news features a watertown, ny father who says his three-year-old son was thrown from the front porch of his home. The boy’s mother told police that her son was struck by a car while walking home from a neighbor’s house.

This is, as we see, a really sad story. The father has three kids, and all three were thrown from the front porch of his house, where he was playing with them. He said he is hoping police will find the boys body, because his three-year-old was hit by a car while he was walking home.

The father said he’s sure he doesn’t have anything to do with the accident. He said his house was only a few houses away from the neighbors’ house, and the boys mother was just walking home from her neighbors house. He said he didn’t know the boys were in the car, and he’s thankful that police told him the boy wasn’t injured.

The story is still on the Internet, but the story trailer looks like it was pretty much out of whack. I have to wonder if there is a link between the two of you.

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