Types of Cancers in Humans


Cancer is a disease of the human body that affects the organs, kills the healthy cells, and creates an infestation situation in the body. Cancer is deadly and can cause fatalities in human beings. Cancer begins as a small attack on the healthy cells of the body that slowly transcends into the engulfing of all healthy cells in an organ or a part of the body. 

It also attacks immunity by weakening the white blood cells and platelets. Cancer, when diagnosed early, can be treated with extensive procedures at some of the best Oncology hospital in Hyderabad

These hospitals have dedicated Oncology Specialists and staff members who are trained in handling Cancer patients and their diverse treatment methods. Cancer treatment in itself requires some of the best care and facilities and the hospital requires to be adept at all the latest medical technologies. 

Cancer and its Symptoms

Cancer can affect anyone without any warning. Some cancers are because by lifestyle habits such as smoking, consumption of tobacco and nicotine products, alcohol, and chemical-based drugs, and other cancers are because by exposure to professional risks such as miners, chemical-based workers, construction workers, production facilities, etc. 

These types of cancers have some warnings that can indicate to the patient that a medical check-up may be required. Those who suspect that they might be at risk for cancers should get themselves tested from time to time at one of the best Oncology hospitals in Hyderabad

This can help them to stay ahead of such a deadly disease and take measures that prevent cancer from spreading. Other cancers are meek and are left undetected for a long time until there are very obvious signs such as lumps, tumors, and bleeding from any of the parts of the body. 

When cancer is left undetected for too long, it can spread throughout the body and completely affect the various organs. When the organs stop functioning and start failing, the person starts to fall sick and this is one of the many reasons why patients come to visit a doctor. In these situations, it might be too late or too risky with only a slight chance for cancer recovery. 

Below are some of the symptoms of cancer that people must be aware of:

  • Sudden and rapid loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive hair fall and loss of skin texture
  • Nails breakage and discoloration
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Bleeding from any of the openings of the body
  • Lack of immunity 
  • Falling sick often
  • Extreme fatigue

Types of Cancers

There are many types of cancers that are treated at the best oncology hospital in Hyderabad as mentioned below:

  • Breast Cancer

This is the cancer of the breast and the tissues of the mammary gland that affect the breast and start spreading from there. It must be recognized and diagnosed immediately as there is a high chance of recovery with early diagnosis.

  • Prostate Cancer

One of the most common cancers in men, prostate cancer affects the prostate glands and causes the reproductive organs to inflame and fail. It must be diagnosed immediately for better chances of beating cancer.

  • Mouth Cancer

Mostly affects those who consume nicotine and tobacco or those who smoke profusely. This type of cancer can be fatal and there are only a few people who recover from it. 


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