Top Apple Mail Tips to Use It like a Pro


The default email app on macOS and iOS is Apple Mail, but most users don’t know beyond the app’s basic features. Its features are not limited to sending and reading emails, but keep reading to discover the functions you didn’t know. 

1. Mark all emails as read at once 

If you continuously get notifications of unread emails, it can get quite annoying. Whether you are getting these notifications on your Mac or iPhone, you would want it to stop so you can concentrate on your work without any distractions. It might be that you have already read a few of those emails and postponed the others for reading them later. But every time you get a new email, it will be added to the list of unread emails. 

Fortunately, Apple Mail has a quick fix to this distracting problem. You can mark all of the emails at once. All you need to do is open Mail > select ‘All Inbox’ and click Edit > select Select All and click Mark as Read from the list of action buttons. 

Now all of your emails are read, and you can work in complete peace. There won’t be any disturbing and annoying notifications pegging you to pause your work and take a look. 

2. Delete mail attachments to save space 

Emails make life easier when it comes to sharing and sending information with others. After all, you cannot share everything via Slack, WhatsApp, or Facebook. 

If you keep getting a lot of email attachments and you download them, it is possible that they’re taking up a lot of storage space. It is also possible that you’ve got multiple copies of the same attachment somewhere on your Apple device. To reduce pressure on your device, it is vital to know how to reduce Mail storage on Mac and iPhone. 

The first step is to find the Mail downloads on your device and delete all the downloads saved in the folder. If you need the attachments again, you can retrieve them from your inbox. 

3. Add a new account or remove an existing account 

Apple Mail doesn’t allow users to add or eliminate email accounts directly. To add a new account, you have to head to Settings > select the Password & Accounts option > select the Add Account option. When the account is displayed with the mailbox, it means the addition is successful. 

To remove an account, you need to choose the account and select Toggle Off. The account will be deactivated. 

4. It is possible to save emails as PDF

On your Mac, the Apple Mail app allows users to quickly save emails as PDFs. You need to select one or more conversations or messages. Then, click File and select Export as PDF to save as PDF. 

If you want to save messages as files, you need to click File and choose a format for saving under Save As. 

5. Switching default account is hassle-free 

If you have only added one account, this feature is redundant for you. However, if you have more than one account added to Apple Mail, you can choose the default account. Also, you can keep switching between the accounts according to your preference. 

To switch default account, you have to click Settings > select Mail > click Change Default Account > choose the email account you wish to switch from the options provided. 

6. Not two lines, but preview more than that of an email 

Apple Mail shows one or two lines as a preview of the emails, and this setting is by default. So, whenever email notifications are received, users only get to see two lines of the email. 

But this setting can be changed if you wish to increase the number of lines you want to preview. The maximum number of lines is five, which helps users get a good idea of what the email is about from the preview screen. 

To change the preview setting, head to Settings > click Mail > select Preview lines and select from one to five lines option. 

7. Set the app to prompt before an email is deleted

You may want to delete emails in Apple Mail, and it can be done by swiping left and clicking the delete option. However, the problem is the lack of prompt and then the accidental deletion of important emails. 

You can change this by going to the Settings, clicking Mail, and selecting the Toggle on as before deleting option. So, you won’t accidentally delete important emails again.  

These Apple Mail tricks and tips will help you get the most out of the application.


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