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This is a bit old news for me, but I thought I should share it anyways. I am a huge fan of vintage furniture and clothing and this is one of my favorites. I am also a huge fan of the old fashion, the vintage clothing and furniture for women. I would say this is a great way to style your home in a feminine way.

When I first got my hands on this piece it was a bit of a shock. In a lot of ways, the shape of it is a bit like a little “pixie cut”. But it is a bit different in other aspects. First, it’s from a time before the “fad” of ”fancy dress” for women.

This is a very simple piece. Its a very simple shape with a pretty simple shape. But it is a bit unique. And it is also a bit of a good thing because it is a bit of a classic piece. It is a piece that can easily be turned into something that is more of a modern piece.


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