naked news caster


I have to admit that I have a hard time putting words to what I feel. When I first started writing, I felt like I had written a lot of things I didn’t even know I was writing. However, now I’m almost embarrassed to write such things because I know it’s not that easy.

But in the end it’s not that hard, because I know that if I were to write something that wasnt true or something that I didnt even feel like writing, then I would probably have to edit it myself. Not that thats true, but I know that I am not really a good editor.

The thing with editing is that it is not easy. You have to write your ideas out loud, and you have to find the right words. Then you have to think of a way to make them sound good enough for people to read. It is a lot harder than it looks.

We are on the road to becoming an adult-oriented book author with a strong sense of humor. It is one of the best things about the world you will ever have to know. We have a great amount of fun, but it is hard to get that free up. It may be the end of the world, but we have a lot of fun.

We are currently taking a leave of absence from the team; we are now working on a new game, but it’s not called naked news caster. We are also working on an adult-oriented book.

We’ve been trying to get a website that will let us tell other people how we get our ideas for games or how we think we can turn shit up… we may have just found it. We’ll let you know when we get back to it.

We’ll be back. Well we’ll be back. I’m just not sure when. And we will definitely be back.

There is a lot of speculation about what other work the website could be doing, and the team is currently working on that. For now, we are just making a website that lets people submit their own story ideas.

We could definitely be working on new games, but we aren’t currently working on anything right now. There are so many other things going on at the moment we don’t want to distract from the main point of this website which is to submit your own stories.

We are really glad that people are interested in writing about their own stories, and thats something we can definitely work on. We actually just started a new subforum for submissions. We’re looking for stories about anything that is fun, weird, or just plain weird, so feel free to submit your weird ideas. We can definitely work with any stories, even ones about things you find weird.


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