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Lake Travis has taken over the news this week with the announcement that the City of Travis is considering changing their name from Travis to Lake Travis. The city council has been working on the change for months, but the change is expected to go through in early August. The name change is a significant change, as Lake Travis was a small village nestled between the lake and the lakefront.

The name change is not as bad as it may seem. Lake Travis has a reputation for being a conservative town, and it is a small town, so this change will make a noticeable difference in the way that people interact with the community. It will also help make the town more attractive to tourists.

For example, the town has a new water tower on a hill which they’ve installed so that people can better see the lake from the water tower. There are also a couple of smaller ones that will be installed around town, so the residents will have better visibility of the lake and the lakefront. The change will also make the town less safe, as they’ll now be able to see from the water tower what the lake looks like from the water tower.

They also announced that they will be increasing the size of the lakefront area to make it less “lakey”. When we say “lakey” it usually refers to the lakefront area being too small for the boats to maneuver around. The new lakefront will be much bigger and will allow for more people to be able to visit the lake.

Lake travis is a very friendly town, which is one of the main reasons I’m glad that they’re making the change. Lake travis doesn’t just host a lot of fishermen, they have a great lakefront with a boat ramp and a fishing pier. This change will certainly put a damper on how many people come to the lake.

In addition to the change in the town, the change in the lake will also be a huge factor in how many people make a lake visit. The lake is currently one of the smallest in Wisconsin and it’s not a very popular destination. It will be so big that it will become a destination in and of itself. There will be a boat ramp and pier, which is great news for those who want to go fishing. It should also open up the lake to more people.

Lake Travis has also added a new visitor center. The building has a large, open space with a lot of views (that will become the boat ramp) and a lot of places to eat. The lake will also become a place that people can go to for picnics and to enjoy the beauty of the water.

There will be a new boat ramp and water park that will open up the lake for those who want to go to the water. It will also be a place where people can go to for picnics and to enjoy the beauty of the water.

The park will have a lot of picnic tables and water features. The first two picnic tables are already open where you can get a nice view of the water and have a snack. The second two are open. The water park will have a wave pool, water slides, a big slide, a wave machine, and waterfalls. It will also have a lot of water toys and play areas for kids and adults.

The park might also be a place for picnicking. It will be the first park in the country where you can get a full-sized picnic table. The park is located at Lake Travis near West Sacramento.


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