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It’s time to say farewell to the Kilgore News obituary. I like to consider myself a social media junkie. I’ve been on Facebook for years, but I’ve never checked my Twitter account. I’m glad I did. I found it to be quite a fun and informative outlet. I don’t usually like to read obituaries because I have my own opinions on what the person meant to say.

But I digress. I am also a big fan of news obituaries, especially in the death realm. I find them interesting, informative, and even a little humorous sometimes. A funeral seems to be a time where everyone has something to say about the deceased. I like to read them to keep in touch with the people who I have lost and I find it to be a nice way to ease into the inevitable time where I will no longer be around to read them.

Kilgore is one of my favorite obituaries because of the way it is written. It doesn’t really make us think about the people who died, but it is a unique way to pay tribute to the person in your life. Although this is a story of a person who no longer can be known by the people who knew him, it still tells the story of the person himself. Kilgore is a good example of this.

Kilgore was a man who had a lot of heart. As a new father and new husband, he was able to create a life for his family that was far away from the stress of things that were at least somewhat familiar. When he had a chance to get away for a few days with his new wife and baby, Kilgore went. His wife and baby were with him, but he never saw them. He left the island, never to return.

Kilgore’s absence was probably a huge part of his death, but it’s not certain. He was only supposed to be gone for two days before he died and his wife and baby were able to escape. He was never heard from again. The obituary quotes him as saying, “I am sorry you are not coming back for me.

In the past, people have written obituaries in the hopes that their departed loved ones would somehow read them and get their message. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Not only did Kilgore die, but he left no messages for his family, and his wife and baby were never heard from again.

Kilgore’s obituary is not a message, but a letter.

It is an odd way of saying, “You are not the only person in this world who has died,” but it is a way of saying, “I am sorry for the loss of your loved one.” It is also an odd way of saying, “I am sorry if you are not coming back for me, and I would like to get your message.

After reading Kilgores obituary, I had to wonder if there were more people like him.

Kilgores has a story about a strange guy named Goro, who was sent to kill his wife and two children. The story is about the guy’s son, Goro. He was supposed to be a high school basketball player and was an adult and a human being. He had been born out of wedlock and was raised by two very different people… one from a very different family. He was sent to kill his wife.


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