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I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of fox news. I think they are just so out of touch with what most Americans are actually thinking and doing — and I think that is wrong. They make it seem like everyone is getting along and all everyone is doing is living their best life. They are also the type of news that doesn’t make you think about the things you should be doing.

The problem with fox news is that they are often just so out of touch with what most Americans are actually thinking and doing that they give Americans and Americans alone the impression that the only way they can be happy is by killing off their fellow Americans, while in reality a lot of Americans are just living the best life imaginable and doing it for the right reasons. I think that is wrong.

The reason for that is so that we don’t have to think about what we do or why we do it.

What we do is what we do because we have to.

The problem is that a lot of American citizens spend more time and effort trying to find a reason to do something rather than just doing it. Even if we were to spend more time on self reflection, we still would be better off if we just got up and do it. John Oliver points out in an episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” that most Americans would rather watch the news than actually do something about it.

You’re right. This is why I talk about creating a “selfish” culture where people do what they think is necessary. It’s one of the major reasons why people don’t do anything. They just want to spend time on something that will make them feel good about themselves.

I have two ideas about how to fix that problem. One is to simply stop worrying about what other people think and just do it. Then you wont have to be so worried about what other people think. The other idea is that we, as a society, are so afraid of the unknown that we actually make everything so complicated that if we just knew how to do something, we would.

First, we have so many rules that it’s really hard to find anything that isnt a rule. So when people say “I should try this drug or that drug,” or “I should do this surgery or that surgery” it sounds good. It’s better than trying to think of something that isnt a rule. The other thing we have is that we keep trying to figure things out one way or another.

This is a very good point. The problem is that our ability to think for ourselves is so limited that we can’t truly know what is real and what is fake. We are just so afraid of the unknown that we can’t even say, “I don’t know.” We think that we know something that we can prove a negative. But that is actually a fallacy. If I say I don’t know, then I can’t say that I know something.

We know a lot of crazy things about ourselves. We know that we see ghosts, we know that we have abilities that make us human, we know that we can travel through time, we know that we can control the weather, we know that we can heal our bodies. But we also know that we cant know anything from nothing. Because our mind is so limited, we can’t truly know what is real.


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