How to Create Videos with Your Own Branding and Logo

Branding and Logo

Video is one of the most powerful tools for creating engagement which is why the demand for video is constantly increasing. However, to be effective, your videos should live up to the expectations of the viewers and your brand standards.

Your videos are a promise to the audience about what your brand offers. Branded videos focused on visual storytelling can do wonders for your brand awareness. It is also increasingly easy to craft an elegant video logo that best suits your brand and audience.

In this guide, let us learn how to create videos by adding your logo and branding.

Consider Your Brand Logo

While there are several different types of logos, the best ones for video branding are – Wordmarks, Monograms, and Combination marks. Mascots, abstract logos, emblems, and pictorial marks may not work so well unless you have an established brand easily recognizable on the internet.

You can get your hands on a perfect logo design online for video branding through the logo maker. A logo creator comes with pre-made logo ideas in multiple categories that the users can modify as per their preference without investing time and effort.

Monograms, also called letter marks, are logos based on the business initial while Wordmarks are those that contain the entire business name. Both these types of logos are ideal for getting your brand name across and are easy to apply to various branding materials.

A combination mark is something that combines a graphic or symbol with a wordmark. This type of video logo is a flexible way to use branding across materials.

Depending on your branding material, you can choose to use the graphic alone or with the wordmark. When it comes to branding for video, you want to create a mark of your brand as clearly as possible without creating clutter.

Select The Best Logo Design Application

Once you come up with the logo idea, you can proceed to the choice of the application. You can infuse a video with your branding and logo in two ways based on various factors like budget and time.


What started as a security feature for money is today used for varied applications like avoiding counterfeits and creating authenticity. Digital watermarking is particularly easier as compared to its paper-based counterpart. The ultimate goal is to incorporate your brand logo in the videos you post.

Video watermarks are generally semi-transparent and placed in a corner to avoid any distraction or clutter. Video editing programs should make it easy to achieve. YouTube also provides an option for setting up a watermark through the channel settings.


You can also include your logo in the video as a title sequence. A video editing tool should make it easy for you to accomplish logo animation.

Though it seems like an effort, an animated sequence is a great element you can add to all your videos. A video editor would allow you to add it in the first few seconds of your video to capture attention and establish branding.

Use Consistent Branding Elements

Though marking your video content with a logo does a lot, there are several other ways to incorporate brand identity into your videos.

You may consider creating a color palette using your logo colors and using it consistently in the videos to instill a visual identity associated with your business.  

Another way to brand your content is to use a single narrator for all the videos you publish. As a video is a mix of an auditory and a visual medium, you can engage two senses to convey your identity and branding.

Using one narrator is a consistent auditory cue. You can also use consistent background music for branding.

Useful Tips For Branding Your Video

Here are some tips and practices you should follow when creating videos with logos and branding.

Be Authentic

To build a loyal fan base with your video content, spread a message of authenticity through the use of fonts, animation, texts, and colors in line with your brand promise.

Working out of your brand color palette and adding your brand logo and fonts should help guide your storytelling and maximize the brand impact.

Use your videos as a tool to create a perception in the minds of the viewers and let people connect emotionally with your brand. As your audience starts identifying your content, your brand lives on top of their minds and hearts, bringing loyalty and trust.

Set The Right Tone

A well-branded video is capable of delivering the right message on time. Apart from the existing brand colors, you can choose colors that help tell the story.

The choice of the additional fonts and colors should depend on the type of brand story you want to tell. For example, earthy green and brown shades are best for highlighting a commitment to sustainability.

Don’t Simply Say It – Show It

Branding your video is not just about grabbing the audience’s attention; it is more about getting them to perceive your brand as the best fit for them. Your videos should be styled in a way that best highlights your mission.

Each element of your video should speak out for your mission to help viewers get the right type of positive feelings and an understanding of your brand’s promise. This translates to the strategic placement of colors, effects, and sound to get your message across.

Don’t Cut Corners

Your end goal should be to come up with a high-quality video. Your viewers are more likely to respond to branding, short videos with a compelling story than lengthy videos with a lot of information and less attention to detail.

Whether due to the off-brand color palette, mismatching fonts, or the absence of a mission-driven narrative, viewers can easily tell a thoughtlessly crafted video.

Though branding your videos can seem to be a tedious and overwhelming task, you must prioritize consistency and brand identity to get the rewards of high-quality content. Take a look at your finished product to go back and correct any flaws, even the tiniest, you discover.

The smallest details make a difference when you have only minutes to build a connection and positive brand perception with the audience.

Final Thoughts

While there are many ways to brand your videos, the key is to be consistent in your efforts. Placing your brand name on the video is one thing; it takes time and effort to associate your content with your brand identity.

However, taking the initiative in this direction has two-way benefits – branding not only marks your content with an identifier but also safeguards it against theft.


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