How To Build Online Course From Scratch


The global learning market is expanding at a rapid pace. If you are an expert in any field or want to get into the business or teaching online or simply want to transmit your knowledge to others, then creating online courses is the best way to start. 

This article will help you with the basic question of how to create an online course from scratch. If you want to find an answer to all your queries, then keep reading!

1. Determine Your Niche

The first step in creating a course is determining the topic. Choose a topic you enjoy discussing and think about what your target audience needs to know for a nice and engaging online course. Having a good experience or understanding of the subject helps you stand out. 

If you know what you want to be teaching, it will be really helpful. If you have experience teaching previously, it will be easier for you to deliver courses. However, it is not mandatory. 

Online courses provide you with a variety of tools, allowing you to strengthen your teaching process. You may also divide your courses into subtopics to provide the best course to your learners.

2. Extensive Research 

You will not be able to give your best if you do not possess a deep knowledge of the subject that you teach. Hence, research extensively about it. Even if you only teach the basics of the subject, as a teacher, you must know every small detail about the subject you teach.

3. Analyze Your  Target Audience 

You must know what your audience is looking for in the course. Only if you create a course that matches their demands, you do not have to wonder about course selling and the other requirements to sell an online course. 

4. Course Outline 

After finding out about the audience’s expectations, you should write down a course outline first. Note down topics and sub-topics that you want to discuss. Determining the flow before you dive into creating an actual course is crucial.

5. Develop The Course Content 

Develop your course content with the help of various online tools and software available. To make your course fun and engaging, make use of modes of gamification, AR, VR, etc. Do not forget to add quizzes and online assignments to the course. Also, take feedback and make changes accordingly to best serve the audience. 

Lastly, the most important thing is a certificate. Providing a certificate at the end of the course not only works as a motivator for the learners but also makes them purchase your course because a certificate holds value. It will be proof that they have acquired the skills. 

Final Thought

Online learning is growing and will keep growing in the future. To become the best at it, make sure to follow the steps mentioned above. Apart from that, organise everything in one platform, preferably an LMS. Hope reading this article helps you build an online course from scratch. 


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