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When you purchase a new home, you will be given a number of home inspection reports which detail the health of the home. You will also be asked to sign a contract stating you are in compliance with the home inspection report. The contract may provide that you are responsible for the costs associated with the inspection, the results, and any recommendations in the report.

All of these reports will be sent to your home inspector when you purchase your new home. He will not be required to do any of these inspections (or indeed any health inspections at all) before you move in. That said, the home inspector will be in contact with the builder and the builder will be in contact with you and your home inspector. It will be up to you to ensure the health of your new home.

The reason I mention this is because the inspection report is very important. It’s a record of the condition of your home, which will be used in decisions about the structure you’ll be moving into. The inspector will also be in contact with your builder, but he isn’t required to do any of these inspections. In fact, there’s a chance the builder will not be in contact with the inspector at all.

If the inspector finds any major issues with your house, including issues with the roof, the foundation, or other major structural problems, he will contact you. While there is a possibility the inspector may not be in contact with you, the chance that they will is very high. If you don’t hear from the inspector, you have a better chance of the inspector seeing problems that you missed.

Heres a link to a news story that explains why the roof isnt going to be inspected as it is.

The inspector is actually the guy you call if you have a major issue with your house.

The roof is a major structural problem, the foundation is the main issue, and the roof is almost certainly going to be inspected.The problem is that the roof is on the third floor. If the inspector goes up there and comes back down, they are not going to see the problem with the foundation, so they don’t know how to fix it. You will have to call a contractor to come and fix it. That is the problem.

As I said in my video, it seems that the inspector is coming to check the roof. He has to check that the roof is stable. That is a major structural problem.

The reason, my friend, is that the roof is not stable. The roof is looking pretty good. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s going to make some people more nervous, so I’m not so worried about that.

What about the foundation? It’s looking good. I think it’s going to be okay. I mean, the roof is a little shaky, but that’s probably what all the inspectors are checking.


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