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guymine news

manmine news, my YouTube channel, and I’m the guymine news guy. I am a writer, a blogger, a singer, a dancer, and one of one of those people that wears a lot of shoes. I’m married to my wife, and we have a beautiful daughter. We have a beautiful life, you can find out more about us on our About page.

I am a man of many things. I have 3 beautiful children, and I love a good video game (that I have to admit is my favorite) and a good movie. These are just two of the things that I can’t wait to tell you about. Check out my first two videos, and look for the third one soon.

As for the videos, see them at or click on their covers at the top of this page. The first video is a guy and his wife trying to put the pieces together about the strange happenings in their life. The second video is a little bit of a surprise for me and my daughter, but its also a really fun and goofy video.

The story starts with a young man in a strange city who finds himself in a strange world. In order to find his way to his girlfriend and her parents, the two of them must find a way to escape from this strange world without looking at each other.

It’s amazing how much the development of technology has changed since the days of the movies. Back in the early 1980s, we were able to see someone standing in front of a camera and telling us what to do next. That was a big part of the way we had to interact with people back then. Nowadays that’s mostly a feature.

I was recently thinking how long it will be before I can use my phone to text someone and see them reply, or when I can walk around and talk at a complete stop. Of course, all of these innovations will be only possible because of the way we use our phones now.

I remember when my phone was still an iPhone and I couldn’t text anyone. Nowadays, I can text anyone on the phone at any time. That’s a big deal. It means that people can see what you’re doing without you having to step out of your apartment to check the messages. This is great because it means that you can see who you are talking to, and it means that you can tell yourself what you want to do.

But wait, there’s more.

Imagine what would be possible if you could take your phone and put it in a pocket. Imagine how cool it would be if you could send a picture of yourself to someone without having to leave your apartment. Imagine how much more interesting it would be if you could send a picture of your friends and family without having to leave your apartment. Now imagine if you could send a video to someone without leaving your apartment. Imagine how much cool stuff you could do without leaving your apartment. It will be awesome.

Imagine if it could be like sending pictures of your friends and family. Imagine sending pictures of your friends and family. Imagine sending videos of your friends and family. It will be awesome.


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