good news in spanish


a good news from spain: the world will be better. I was hoping this news would make my day. I’m really excited about the new world we will be entering. We will be able to live much better here. And it was announced as well that we will be able to live here much better, the world will be much better. I mean the world will be better and much better.

The good news is that the language will be much better, and it will be easier to understand. This is good news for spanish speaking people because it would be much easier to learn Spanish. The bad news is that this news is still far from official, so spanish speaking people can only wait and see when it comes.

This is good news because it means people can have a better life, but it is also bad news because it is still far from official. It will be announced soon after it happens, or it won’t be official and people can only wait and see when it comes.

In the meantime, though, the spanish speaking community is very happy with the news. At any rate, it is a good reminder that the Spanish speaking community has a lot to be proud of, and we hope that it makes you feel better about the fact that you can only wait and see what happens.

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