Conan Exiles Where to Find Coal, Is Out. Here’s What’s In


The first step to finding coal in Conan Exiles is going into the menu and selecting “Survival” then “Scavenging”.

Once you have done this, there will be a list of items that are scattered around the map. You can find coal by pressing X on your controller or keyboard. Coal is usually found near trees or rocks.

When looking for coal, make sure that you look close enough because it may not always be in plain sight! Once you have found coal, it is usually a good idea to craft some torches so that you can see better in the dark.

Coal is used for crafting explosives and forging weapons because of its high quality material.

Mining coal requires an Iron Pickaxe or higher level pickaxe which are crafted at the Blacksmith Bench with “Coal” as well as other materials such as iron ore or stone.

To mine coal, go near any rock deposits on your map (near trees) then use your pickaxe once close enough to find small piles of coals sticking out from underneath rocks nearby – these will look like black spots when seen up close! If done correctly, there will be a notification saying “You got X amount of


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