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Conversion rate optimization is all about understanding the customer journey and identifying how your website can improve it.

This post will go in depth into different conversion rate optimization strategies that you can use to help increase conversions on your website. We’ll start by talking about why you should be focusing on CRO, then we’ll discuss 11 steps to significantly increase conversion rates! Step One: Pick A Goal.

You might be wondering what the point of conversion rate optimization is if you don’t have a goal in place, but it’s important to identify your desired outcome before starting any work on CRO because every strategy will depend on this information.

Your goals can range from increasing revenue or improving customer loyalty;

whatever the case may be, make sure that you know why you’re doing it! Step Two: Identify The Problem Areas On Your Site. Once you’ve identified your conversion goal and formed an idea for how best to achieve this objective, then comes time to think about where conversions are being lost along each part of the customer journey – which means identifying problem areas on your website and fixing them! To


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