computerized pert/cpm reports and charts do not include,

computerized pert

Have you ever wondered what happens to your content when it’s been consumed, but not converted?

You may be sitting there in disbelief that a reader of your blog post didn’t take the next step and purchase something. But have you considered that they might not even be reading anymore?

With so many other distractions available online, how do we know if people are actually reading our articles or watching our videos all the way through?

What if, for some reason, they don’t even know that what you have to say is something of value? Some people might get the impression that your blog post or video is not worth their time. What can you do about this problem before it becomes an issue?

It may be difficult to tell when a reader has stopped reading or watching because there are no notifications included in many content marketing tools; however there are ways around these issues and still getting rich data back from each piece of content.

Below are 11 things computerized reports overlook: -The number of viewers who viewed one page but didn’t view more than two pages -One year old posts with less views -Posts by writers whose names start


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