computer will not turn on but fans are running,


Many people have a computer that won’t start.

The good news is, there are many common causes of this problem and most of them can be fixed easily! This article will go over some troubleshooting tips for your computer when it won’t turn on. Keyword:

Troubleshoot and Fix Your Computer When It Won’t Start The first thing to do is check if the computer’s power cord is plugged in.

If it isn’t, plug it in and try turning on the computer again.

The second step would be a hardware test for your hard drive which includes checking if there are any loose cables or bad connections on both the motherboard and peripheral devices like DVD drives or diskette drives.

Thirdly, one may want to make sure that their RAM has not been removed from its slot.. etc.. etc.. .. Your Turn: continue writing the next sentences of long-form content without numbers or bullet points. Do not copy what I wrote above word for word – use these instructions as an


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