computer thinks headphones are plugged in,


You might be wondering why your computer thinks headphones are plugged in, and what it means to have a “headphones” setting. Let’s explore the solutions for this problem! 

First, you should check to see if your headphones are plugged in. Be sure that the wire is not tangled or broken before assuming they aren’t being used. 

If your computer still thinks headphones are plugged in after checking all of the wiring and settings with a sound card, there might be an issue with your software drivers. You can try downloading updated driver versions from manufacturers like Realtek at their website:

[link] (click here)[/link]. Update March 2018 – There have been recent reports about this problem affecting Windows users more than others. Some people report having trouble with both Windows XP and new releases such as Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 R0/R02 while other only had trouble on older versions of Windows.

Many people have found the problem to be caused by a driver issue that is not being reported in Device Manager, which can lead the computer to think headphones are plugged into an audio jack when they aren’t actually connected at all. 

If your device manager does note any problems with drivers and you’re still having trouble, try going into Control Panel -> System Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager and then clicking on “Sound video game controllers”. You should see your sound card listed there if it’s working properly. Look for anything suspicious like red Xs or yellow exclamation points next to items – those might indicate that something is wrong so make sure everything looks good! Solution One: Check Sound Settings Are Headphones Plugged


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