computer freezes for a second when playing games,

computer freezes

Computer freezes when playing games? It’s time for an instant performance boost!

Some of the most common reasons why a computer will freeze up or have sluggish performance could be poor hardware, outdated software, malware infection, and more.

This article will go over some easy steps to increase your computer’s performance and avoid these problems in the future. – Making sure your computer has the latest drivers installed. – Keeping your OS, browser and programs updated with automatic updates as they become available.

You can also set windows to automatically update new software without having to do it manually every time a notification pops up in the system tray or on the taskbar. 

Uninstalling any unused applications that you don’t need anymore from Control Panel > Programs and Features > “Uninstall an app”.

This will make Windows faster by freeing up disk space for other processes like gaming when necessary. If there’s no reason why you should keep something then uninstall it! Removing old garbage files is one of those things everyone needs to do now and again.. but who wants to? Let


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