Complete a fish-bone chart detailing reasons why an airline customer might be dissatisfied.

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As a frequent traveler, I know all too well the struggle of trying to fly with an airline. From delayed flights to lost luggage, it’s not uncommon for customer service representatives to be rude or unwilling to help. And we’re expected to just take it on the chin!

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The frustration doesn’t end there either – sometimes airlines even nickel and dime you when they could have prevented your issue in the first place. But don’t worry, because we’ve got 11 reasons why airline customers might be dissatisfied and how you can fix them right now!

Number 11: Airlines nickel and dime you- they charge for everything from carry ons to water. When airlines are charging more, customers feel like they’re at the mercy of their carrier’s whims!

Here is some advice about how to fix it – firstly, lower your baggage fees so that people don’t have to worry when planning a trip as much. Secondly, be sure to offer food and drink onboard flights so that passengers aren’t constantly desperate for sustenance while flying in cramped conditions. Thirdly, stop charging for entertainment systems or Wi-Fi access because there might not always be an outlet available during your flight., Reason Number One: Airline customer service representatives can sometimes seem rude or unwilling help with problems


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