Competition is more likely to exist when?

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The term is often associated with the idea of a battle. When two parties are competing, they want to win and they will do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Competition is more likely to exist when: -there is a clear goal that can be achieved by only one person, -the winner will gain something more desirable than the loser, and/or when there are defined stakes.

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“The definition of competition according to Webster’s Dictionary is ‘a striving for victory against an opponent.'” Competition takes place when two parties want to win in order to obtain or do something better. The motivation behind this desire would have to come from within themselves; they may not care about what happens after winning because it does not affect them personally.

They want the victory just as much as they want whatever comes with winning such as money, fame etc. In some cases people compete because others expect them too even though deep down inside they don’t really


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