Competent persons are not necessary when scaffolds are being moved.


Scaffolds are structures that are erected to reach heights and provide support. They are often used in construction of buildings, bridges, etc. The main objective is to prevent fall injuries from occurring by providing a safe work space.colby does america,

Scaffolds do not need the help of an individual who is competent enough or has experience when they are being moved from one place to another for construction purposes. The reason for this is because the scaffolds are set up in a way to make it easy and safe, which means that they can be moved without needing the help of anyone.

One of the easiest ways to move them involves using heavy duty moving straps, which securely attach one end around an eye bolt on the bottom or top bar of a ladder or other structure.

The second part loops through both sides of each rung so that when someone pulls from either side everything will tighten up and not come loose. Once they get to their destination point all you have to do is remove these safety belts and then lower your load onto its new location by pulling slack off until it reaches ground level. -A competent person does not need assistance with


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