Compare the rockpile and the apartment in “the rockpile” by james baldwin. how are they similar?


James Baldwin’s “The Rockpile” is about a boy, who has never been outside of the slum he lives in and knows nothing but poverty. He gets an opportunity to live in his cousin’s apartment for six months and decides to take it. One day, he sees some kids playing on top of a mountain of rocks nearby and imagines what life must be like up there.conan

Is this type of scenery similar to where he used to live? What is different between the two places?

The Rockpile is a short story about an unnamed boy who lives in the slum of Harlem. The main character has never left his home and knows nothing but poverty, until he gets to live with his cousin for six months. One day, when walking by some kids playing on top of a mountain of rocks nearby, he imagines what life must be like up there. He decides that this type of scenery would not be too different from where he used to live: both places are impoverished due to their lack of money and resources – though one place (the apartment) is better off than the other because it’s cleaner and dryer; at least the residents have more opportunities. While living in his cousin’s apartment, the protagonist learns


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