Compare the calorimeter that you built to a bomb calorimeter, how are they similar and different?

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With the help of your teacher, you built a calorimeter that is similar to a bomb calorimeter. The only difference is that this one doesn’t have an explosive inside! However, there are many other differences between these two devices.

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For example, the bomb calorimeters are much larger and hold more liquid than yours does. They also use different measures for determining heat change in order to calculate calories (joules). Yours uses Fahrenheit instead of Celsius as its measure. It’s important to know these differences when comparing them – without knowing which type of measurement was used, it would be impossible to determine how they compare!

The Calorimeter That You Built Is Similar To A Bomb Calorimeter, But There Are Significant Differences Both a calorimeter and bomb calorimeters measure heat change in order to calculate calories. However, the way that they are used for this measurement varies greatly! Not only do these two devices vary in size – one is much larger than the other – but they also use different means of measuring heat energy (joules).

While yours uses Fahrenheit instead of Celsius as its measurement system, it’s important to know which type of metering was being measured when comparing them since without knowing which unit of measurement was used, there would be no way to tell how accurate or inaccurate each device might be. One difference between


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