Compare and contrast the information you can learn from looking at a pedigree with the information

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The pedigree is one of the most important tools in the field of animal breeding, and it’s difficult to understand why any breeder would choose not to use one. A pedigree can be used to compare a potential mate for their qualities with those of other animals that have already been successful at producing desirable offspring.

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It can also point out faults or weaknesses that should be avoided when pairing up different breeds. Without a pedigree, it is impossible to know if your favorite breed has any genetic disorders that might make them unsuitable as pets or livestock, so you are taking a risk every time you buy an animal without checking their family tree first! The information you can learn from looking at a pedigree is vital.

It’s the only way to know for sure if any faults or weaknesses are present in your chosen breed, and it’s also the best way of knowing which animals will be most compatible breeding partners. Pedigrees offer an instant snapshot of all that has gone right with one particular line-breeders who have been successful over several generations, carrying on their successes rather than trying new combinations each time-, but they can’t predict every possible outcome.

A negative result should never deter someone from continuing to use that bloodline as long as some positives were found too; it just means that there may be something about this animal type (such as fertility) which needs more exploring before pairing


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