companies that _____ will most likely be found in violation of procompetitive legislation.,


It is important for you to know what the consequences are if you do not comply with __ legislation.

Non-compliance may result in fines, penalties and even criminal prosecution. So before you think about being a violator, take some time to read this blog post –

it will help you determine whether or not your company is at risk of violation. What is legislation?

The law that your company needs to comply with. The consequences of not complying with the law: breach, fines and penalties, criminal prosecution.

Non-compliance may result in: a civil lawsuit from victims (e.g., employees), fines imposed by government agencies (exceeding $500 per violation) for each day of non-compliance, negative publicity against you or your company on social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter 

which could lead to boycotts by consumers who see these announcements about your violations; and even potential imprisonment if found guilty of violating procompetitive laws. So before being a violator think about what it means for yourself and those around you doing business with you! If


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