commas should always be placed around .,


Comma placement is an important part of writing. A comma should always be placed before or after a period that ends a sentence. This is one of the basic rules that we all know and remember from grade school; however, many people don’t seem to follow this rule when they write blog posts. We are here to make sure you are following these guidelines correctly! – This article is meant to be informational and entertaining. – There are many ways that comma placement can affect the meaning of sentences in a blog post, even if only by adding or removing emphasis. Some examples of how commas change meaning: — The book was written by me., vs. –The book was written by me; It’s really good! –I like dogs; cats not so much., vs. — I like dogs; cats not so much.; My dog is very cute! — Comma placement should always be around a period – there should never be more than one comma between two periods at the end of sentence (unless they create an incomplete sentence). Here are some great tips


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