come with me where dreams are born,


I’m going to take you on a journey, a behind the scenes tour of the place where I create.

This is my studio, one that took me years to find and learn how to make work for me. But before we get into how it came together, let’s talk about what led up to this moment. I studied painting and drawing in school, but I discovered while trying to make a living as an artist that most of the jobs were book illustration or cartoons. This was not what I wanted to do for life so I started looking for things outside my field. And then about ten years ago, one day it hit me: why don’t I just start teaching painting? So with nothing more than some art supplies from when I was still creating on my own (because you can never have enough), plus taking a few classes at Parsons School of Design, I set up a studio and began teaching myself how to teach others. The moment came where we had created enough space here that our daughter could come live with us full-time


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