Come just as you are.

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Welcome to our blog! Our story starts in 2006, when we opened a small store on the east side of town. We always knew that this was just the first step for us. So, over time, we’ve grown and expanded into new areas like retail and wholesale distribution. And now you can find our products all over the world – from grocery stores to national chains to convenience stores in your hometown.

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We’re so grateful that we’ve been able to do what we love and serve our customers for all these years. And now, with a little help from you, this is just the beginning! Bio: We are a socially-conscious company that believes in fairness for all. Our products come from farmers and artisans who share our values of fair wages, safe working conditions, sustainability, equal opportunity and gender equity. This is the long form content of this post. It will be sent to you as soon as it’s been approved by one of our editors. Thank you! Our Name, Our Story.

This is just the beginning! The name Trader Joe’s has become synonymous with quality food at incredible prices – because we work hard every day to bring customers great value while maintaining an unrivaled level of quality across our stores nationwide (and now also Canada!).


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