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Meet the pygmy octopus, a small invertebrate with an outsized personality. The pygmy octopus is one of the few cephalopods that can grow to be bigger than humans and has been known to live up to 15 years in captivity. It’s also really smart: it changes its skin color rapidly as a form of camouflage, it squirts ink when threatened, and it uses tools such as coconut shells or bottle caps for shelter. The video talks about the pygmy octopus and how it is different from other cephalopods.

It has a great personality and can grow to be bigger than humans!

The pygmy octopus has many unique features that make them very interesting sea creatures, such as changing its skin color to camouflage itself or squirting ink when threatened. One of my favorite parts in this video was where they mentioned how smart the creature is because it uses tools for shelter like coconut shells or bottle caps by using their siphon tube to suck up water into these items. This blog post will teach you more about what makes these incredible animals special on earth.” We have been long fascinated with marine life here at OctoCute


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