colossal is craaaazy,


This blog post explores the truth behind Colossal, a popular online video site.

We will discuss if this is really “the future of entertainment,” or just another fashion trend that’s not here to stay.  Fact or Fiction: Colossal is here to stay. The future of entertainment may be on the internet, but that doesn’t mean we’re all going to spend our days online watching videos. There are plenty of reasons people still want to go out into the real world and see things for themselves–and it’s not just because they have a fear about virtual reality goggles taking over their lives (though there might be some truth in that). For one thing, most 95% of today’s population live within 50 miles from an ocean; how would you like your favorite beach if you could only experience it through streaming video? We’ll explore why today’s younger generations will never stop craving adventure by looking at the parallel between “virtual vacations


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