college athletes should not be paid essay,


Some people believe that college athletes should be paid, and some people think they shouldn’t.

This is an argument that has been around for a while, but there are certain reasons why collegiate athletes should not be paid. If you’re considering paying your players in the future, here are 10 reasons to reconsider: 1) It will cause more problems than it solves 2) The money won’t go towards football or basketball players 3) Coaches may have to change their coaching style 4) There’s no such thing as fair pay across the board 5) The money is just going into someone else’s pocket 6) Paid players will lead to other issues 7) Families who can afford tuition would lose out 8 ) Colleges will be pressured to find outside sources of funding It is important for schools to have their own identity and they shouldn’t change the way that they do things because of external pressures. If a college decides to pay its players it will upset the balance between athletics and academics, which may lead to a decrease in enrollment. It would also create more pressure on coaches who are already doing too much work with sports teams as well as classes. The money isn’t going towards football or basketball players anyway so what’s even the point? Colleges should focus on finding other ways than paying athletes, such as sponsorships from alumni or businesses within local communities that can provide them with funds. College Athletes Should Never Be Paid: College athletes should not be


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