How Colby’s Clubhouse Cast Where Are They Now, Works


The show Colby’s Clubhouse was a smash hit in the early 200s, but it’s been off the air for around 15 years.

What happened to all of those popular kids who starred on the show? Find out! I met one of the cast members, Josh.

He was a few years older than me but he hung around with my friends and I all day every day.

We were so excited when we found out that Colby’s Clubhouse would be shooting in our school auditorium for two days!

It turns out though, this show wasn’t about kids at the club – it was about their parents on date night. And they didn’t want us there to bother them or make noise (especially because we could not stop making fun of how stupid the scripts were).

Nonetheless, seeing all those familiar faces made me feel like I had taken a step back into time and brought some nostalgia along with it. We watched these shows religiously as well;


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