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Time for another snack review! This week we’re looking at the Doctor Who and Coca-Cola “Limited Edition” pack.

The two flavors are Dr. Pepper (named after the character) and Cherry Coke, which is a strange flavor to me because I don’t think that coca cola has ever come in cherry before?

Regardless, let’s see what this is all about. Doctor Who and Coke: A Snack Review Dr. Pepper – First things first, these aren’t actually coke products so they taste nothing like them – but there’s definitely a similar feel when you’re eating it;

they have a bit of spice/flavor from an unknown ingredient and there’s also some fruitiness as well (I’m guessing it’s the cherry flavor). Cherry Coke – I’m not sure how much coca cola has come in flavors like this, so it was interesting to see what they had done.

The drink itself is a bit on the sweeter side and I think that might be from either the cherry or an artificial sweetener (I can’t tell which one). It’s also more bubbly than most of their other drinks, but still tastes fine!

There you have it – two new entries into my snack reviews series for Coca-Cola products! If you want me to review something else feel free to let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading 🙂 ! ~~ Jackie K. ~~ Blogger at coke


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