coil where are you,


I am sorry to say that I have lost my coil. It was a present from my wife and it is the only one I had.

I know you are going through something similar, because coils are so hard to find these days. If you can’t find your coil, don’t worry!

There are plenty of places where we can get a new one for cheap. The first place we should go is a thrift store. The second best option would be to get one on eBay or Amazon. If you can’t find your coil there, don’t worry!

We can always buy another coil and sell the old one online for extra money in our pockets.

Just make sure that when it comes time to selling it, you use all of the same information from before so that people will know what they are buying Bullet Point: – Coils are hard to find these days —

but there are plenty of places where I could search for them if needed; – Thrift stores may have coils — other options include eBay or Amazon — but also keep an eye out at hardware stores (best bet)


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