cohabitation is _____ and marriage rates are _____ with adults.,


Is cohabitation a thing? The answer is yes. Cohabitation rates are up and marriage rates are down, with adults.

Marriage is still important for many cultures and religions, but it’s not the only choice anymore when choosing your living arrangements.

This article will explore why this trend has been happening in recent years by looking at the pros and cons of both cohabiting or getting married to see which one makes more sense for you as an individual. Choosing cohabitation over marriage can be a good choice for those who want to try out living with another person before getting married.

It’s also beneficial if your partner doesn’t have the same religious beliefs as you, and are in a long-distance relationship where it would be difficult to plan a wedding together.

On the other hand, choosing not to get married is risky because of how much more complicated things could become if one or both partners die without leaving any will behind.

This article discusses some important differences between these two decisions so that couples can choose what works best for them when deciding on their living arrangements. The pros and cons of being either cohabiting or getting married is __. The benefits include saving money and


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