cody when calls the heart,

calls the heart,

Cody is the protagonist of this show, and he has a heart of gold.

The show revolves around him and his family in Coal Valley, BC – where it’s always cold outside. The show follows Cody through the ups and downs of life as a coal miner’s son with dreams to one day make something out of himself.

He is a big, tough guy with compassion and love for his family. Cody was born in Vancouver but moved to Coal Valley when he was just four years old. His dad died of an accident at the mine when Cody as six, so he has one sisterĀ  18-year-old CharleneĀ 

who still lives there with their mom Bernadette. There’s no easy way out for Cody and life doesn’t get easier either after high school graduation day:

it seems that every job opportunity available requires him to stay close by in Coal Valley where the mines are too dangerous or require a degree which will take forever to save up enough money for tuition fees. Either way, you can count on Cody going above and beyond


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