Can everyone should have a shot at paid family leave?

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“The Argument for Paid Family Leave” is a topic that has been making headlines recently. The article discusses the importance of paid family leave and how it is beneficial to both the company and the employee.

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Even if you haven’t had any experience with paid family leave, this article will give you an idea of what it’s like in a place where there is more support for employees taking time off. This blog post discusses the benefits of paid family leave. It is important to be able to take time off when you are having a child, or taking care of an aging loved one.

When companies offer paid family leave they also show that they have faith in their employees and believe in them enough to allow them time away from work for this type of event. If your company does not provide any sort of support at all for parental leave, then it might be worth talking with HR about some options.

There are many different ways that parents can make up the hours missed while on unpaid maternity/paternity leave so even if there isn’t a set policy, it’s still possible to get back what was lost within six months after returning from


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