Clunking noise when driving slow

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It’s that time of year again, and you’re driving to the store with your kids in tow. There is a mysterious clunking noise coming from your car when you slow down. You stop the car, pop open the hood and find one of your engine belts has come loose. What caused this? There are many potential causes for this type of noise – whether it’s a belt being loose or parts wearing down over time.

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Let’s take a look at some common signs: *If you can hear the noise coming from under your hood, it’s likely something to do with engine belts. These are necessary for proper functioning of various parts of the engine and if they break or come loose then there will be a clunking sound when driving slow in addition to other symptoms like poor performance and excessive speeding up or slowing down.

*A clicking noise that is getting worse as time goes on may indicate an issue with the timing belt – one part of those gears we mentioned earlier. This belt has many teeth which help turn pump shafts inside the car so fuel gets pushed into your gas tank and oil flows through the rest of your engine. When this belt breaks, these pumps won’t work properly causing all sorts


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