Clunking noise when braking

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If you have been experiencing clunking noise when braking, it might be time to replace your brake pads. This is a very simple process that can be done at home by anyone with some basic tools and knowledge of how brakes work.

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If you are feeling squeamish about doing the job yourself, we recommend taking it in for an expert check-up before proceeding. In order to replace your brake pads, you will need: a set of new brake pads for the driver’s side and passenger’s side brakes on your vehicle; jack and spare tire in case it is needed later during installation or replacement.

You may also want to read our instructions for securing the car with safety straps before getting started. Start by finding an appropriate location to work underneath the wheel well where there are no parts that could fall off if they were not secured properly – this includes fuel lines, under-body components like ABS sensors, wiring harnesses etc.

Place some old newspapers down below so you don’t get any fluid spills on anything important in subsequent steps. Remove all four bolts holding up each caliper


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