clunking noise when accelerating,

clunking noise

Clunking sounds can be a sign of many different things.

For example, your car may have an issue with the transmission or suspension if you hear it when going over bumps in the road.

If it’s something serious, then this post will help you identify what is causing that clunky sound and get it fixed quickly! There are a few things you can do to narrow down the problem.

If it only happens when driving, then isolate which type of road (rough or smooth).

You should also be able to identify whether the clunking sound is coming from both front wheels simultaneously, just one wheel on either side, or two specific tires. This will help pinpoint where that noise may be coming from and how serious the issue might be.

For example, if your car’s suspension needs replacing because it has gone out of alignment due to an accident or pothole in the road then this post offers some helpful tips for getting back on track with less hassle! ?? The top five most common problems causing a clunky noise:


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