Clouds are divided into four families according to their?

father, daughter, beach @ Pixabay

The world is often seen as being made up of four basic groups or types: the first group are those people who have a good and happy life; the second type are those that have an ok life without any major problems but nothing great either; the third type of person has a very hard life with many difficulties, while finally there is the fourth, which consists of those that just don’t care about anything.

These different categories can be applied to almost any part of our lives. For example, in this blog post we will introduce you to a classification system for clouds – dividing them into four families according to their shape.

Family I: These are the clouds which have a silver lining, meaning they look whiter than other types of cloud. Family II: The second type of cloud is characterized by its flat or concave shape on top with an outline that resembles a minaret tower in Arabic architecture – this gives them their name as “pagoda” clouds

. Clouds from the family II very often form together and create what’s called mackerel sky; it consists mostly of small cumulonimbus (Cb) clouds formed into lines to resemble fish scales. These types also get their name because they’re shaped like mackerels when seen from below, where sometimes it appears as if there were many little ones swimming


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