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One of the most popular television series ever, “Doctor Who” is a British science fiction show. The Doctor is an alien who travels through time and space in his TARDIS to investigate strange occurrences and right wrongs.

He has been played by eleven different actors over fifty years, each one bringing something new to the character – from Tom Baker’s long scarf to David Tennant’s foppish hair.

This post will explore how “Doctor Who” changed over the years with each actor playing the Doctor! The Doctor Who character is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He travels in space and time, having adventures on Earth with human friends. The show has had many different actors play him over its 50 year history – this post will explore how it changed as each new actor played the role!

In 1963 William Hartnell became the first man to ever portray ‘Doctor Who.’ In this era of television, characters were typically played by just one person so when he left after three years, there was no need for an immediate changeover. However due to declining ratings in 1968 producer Derrick Sherwin decided that they would introduce another doctor; Patrick Troughton took up the mantle (pun intended) and continued playing him until 1969 before


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