climates where evaporation exceeds precipitation are called ________ climates.,


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What is an arid climate? What are some of the most interesting climates on Earth? How do we know what these climates were like during past periods on Earth’s history?

We will explore these questions and more! The deserts are a type of arid climate, where the evaporation exceeds precipitation.

The Sahara Desert is an example of this arid region on Earth. This desert stretches across most of Africa and has been expanding for centuries due to changes in vegetation patterns. Another important area with drought-like conditions is southwestern Asia (Iran).

There’s also a high incidence of droughts along these lines in India and China during recent years.

These regions have become particularly vulnerable as they get hotter over time which can lead to increased crop failures, water shortages, food insecurity, and poverty. Scientists believe that one reason why we see such dry areas today may be because human activity like deforestation or mining cause less rainfall by causing disruption to moisture


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