click on the carbon atom that should be designated as #1 when naming this compound systematically.,


In organic chemistry, we have systematic nomenclature for naming the compounds. This involves following a certain order when naming the compounds systematically. The first atom in the compound is called #1 because it’s like an alphabetical “A” and all of its bonding partners are also known as “A.” Let’s take an example of a compound that has two carbon atoms.

The first one would be called “C-A” and the second one as C-B.” Let’s say we have a molecule that contains three carbons, then it will be named like this:

C-(A’)(B) (where A’ is the next letter in alphabetical order). The reaction between organic compounds can create new molecules with different names. To avoid confusion, chemists use prefixes to denote which reactant was used for each step in the synthesis process. For instance, if you start with propionaldehyde and synthesize butanal by reacting it with sodium hydroxide so that all steps are shown on paper clearly


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