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Doctor Who fans rejoice, we have a new video in our lineup!

This is Classic Doctor Who Dailymotion. It is the perfect destination for all of your classic doctor who needs. We watch old episodes from the days when the show was still on television and there were just 3 doctors! Posted: 01-01-2018 08:00AM Just a quick note to let you know that we have added this blog post. If you want more from us in the future, please don’t hesitate to subscribe! Thank you for your time and reading our content today. And remember that it’s okay not knowing what season 12 of Doctor Who is about. Just like how people didn’t believe in aliens until they saw them with their own eyes.. one day, people will say “I knew Doctor Who” and all these years later there will be a new doctor on TV as well as movies again too. Welcome back my old friend! What do those numbers mean? __ The date (January) at


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