Clarkstown what they don’t want you to know.

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What do you know about Clarkstown? Do you know that it’s the most populated town in Rockland County, New York with an estimated population of 84,00 people? I bet you didn’t even know that there were towns in Rockland County. Well if not then this blog post is for YOU! This blog post will provide information on what to expect when moving to or residing in Clarkstown as well as its history and interesting facts.

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What to Expect When Moving to Clarkstown: No matter where you’re from, when moving to any new place there are bound to be some changes. These can range anywhere from the change of seasons or weather (i.e., winter vs summer) as well as a cultural shift in food and lifestyle habits. This is especially true for those who move into different countries or states within the United States like New York State.

But don’t worry because we’ll break down what’s expected when residing in Clarkstown below. There will most likely be more traffic than your previous city which means that traveling outside of town may take longer during rush hours but overall travel time should remain about the same. 


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